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No Quick SEO (Search engine optimization)

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No More Quick SEO
Be wary of claims on the internet saying that they can improve your SEO (search engine optimization) ranking in a short time. The fact is that in order for your site to show up high in a Google search results page is difficult, takes a lot of work, is very time-consuming, and need to be done over a long period of time.
Barrie North, author of Joomla! A User's Guide says on page 420 that "For a site that will perform well, you eventually need 200-odd pages of content. This is the important point: Quick SEO is dead! The only way to perform well in SEO now is to have a rich content site."
Furthermore, on page 197, he writes "There is no such thing as a search engine optimization anymore. The only reality now is having a long-term web marketing strategy and a commitment to building a site full of quality information."
And as part of one's component in web marketing strategy is "search engine marketing" or "search advertisment". Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Engine Marketing are two examples where you pay to have your ad show up in the sponsored spots in the search results page.
A good article that confirms that you need search engine marketing in addition to search engine optimization is "SEO is Dead" by searchengineguide.com -- Note that the article was written way back in January 2006. A more recent article dated November 2008 says that pay per click marketing should continue to be effective due to market pricing forces that comes into play.

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